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B.A.G.Z. An Origin Story

Bad Ass Gorilla Zombies (B.A.G.Z.) is a 500 piece hand-drawn collection from the playful mind of Mr. Brian Design. Mistreated in life, they have come back for revenge on humans who tossed them aside. Despite folks best efforts, no one was safe at the local town fair. B.A.G.Z. are coming to a marketplace near you sporting their latest spoils.

Our Team

Mr. Brian


Creative mastermind with 30 + years of creating for brands like Bandai, Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Alife, Faile, Stussy, and more. Creator of the NFT series Tanuki Birds.



Creative Development/Marketing

10 + years of leading creative and marketing teams for nightlife and entertainment industry brands. NFT artist and creator. Former MGM Resorts. Founder NFTY HAUS.



Business Development/Marketing

14+ years flexing their vital skill set within Public Relations, Marketing & Communications, Community Outreach, and more.



Web Developer

10+ years of web development and design experience. NFT artist and creator of Lil' Planets.


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